The Sackett Brand

I love Louis L'Amour novels. They are fun stories, usually about the Old West in the United States. L'Amour used the growth of a fictional family through several books as the vehicle to trace out the growth of the nation. The family is the Sackett family.

In the Sackett Brand, William Tell Sackett is the feature character. He is shot from ambush as the book opens, leaving him hurt and without weapons or a horse. He has no idea why he was the target, but his will to live is played out through the book. Once he gets to the strength to search for his assailant, he first discovers that his wife has been killed. Tell is sought by his unknown enemy. The "bad guy" in the story uses his ranch hands to trap Sackett in the Mogollons, but the word of a Sackett in trouble brings his kinfolks from all over the country to assist their relative. Those relatives even the odds and Tell is able to face and defeat his enemy.

It was fun to read this story again.


I have a certification as a Biology teacher, and I frequently find myself reading about medical advancements, even if I personally may never be the beneficiary of the techniques. That was the case when I recently read about the Atlanta Center for Laproscopic Urogynecology. That is the location where Dr. John Miklos and Dr. Robert Moore practice their skills. They offer bladder surgery, vaginal surgery and a wide range of other procedures that relieve problems and rejuvenate their patients. Drs. Miklos and Moore are internationally renowned for their expertise in the field of laproscopic urogynecological procedures!

I enjoy reading about such advancements, but I am glad I will never need their services!

Church Bulletins

I receive several church bulletins each week, as I have served in a few congregations and have colleagues serving at others. It is a source of information and often of inspiration for a lesson I want to teach here. But one of the things that is very common is to find typographical or grammatical errors that make some hilarious reading!


For me it is baseball season, but for a lot of addicts, there is no sport other than football! For them website not to be missed is AddictSports.com. There you can receive all the information their hearts could desire about NFL football and NCAA football, just by clicking on football picks. There also are roundtables, fantasy information, team histories and much more!

Prince Caspian

My Grandsons and I are rereading the second in classic series of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. They are so excited that the movie is coming out this week that they could not wait to hear the tale of Prince Caspian reclaiming the land of Narnia for the followers of Aslan!

The story is a sequel to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The land has fallen to ruin under the leadership of the usurping King Miraz, a Telmarine. The rightful king, Caspian is his nephew. Miraz was happy to leave Caspian alive as his successor, until he had a son of his own. But with the help of the Talking Beasts, the Pevensie children and, of course, from Aslan, right prevails!

Home Improvement

My wife and I have been doing some remodeling of our home, in preparation for our retirement. We have redone the kitchen with new counter tops and appliances, we have opened the den to more light by adding glass French doors on the outside wall. We have replaced the bathtub with a walk in shower in the master bathroom and replaced the broken concrete in our circle drive way.

Now we are needing to address the exterior of the house. We have been reading on the web site of American Home Craft Inc about a new texture coat product that can protect the exterior of the house while making it cooler. It is tougher than paints and stains, but much less expensive than vinyl or fiber cement products!

Post Captain

This Patrick O'Brien novel is a sequel to Master and Commander. It is the account of how Jack Aubrey gains his promotion from Master and Commander to Post Captain, despite the animosity held for him by the Admiral under whom he serves.

Aubrey is given command of an experimental vessel that is the laughingstock of the British navy. Not only that, Aubry is sent on a mission that at best set him up to fail and at worst could cost him his life. But the action was a success that brought Aubrey the advancement he so desperately desired, and cost the admiral was under scrutiny.

The book ends with Aubrey having led a temporary mission to a resounding success that will allow Aubrey to have enough prize money to afford to get out of debt and marry his beloved Sophie.

Blueberry Lakes.com

It is almost summer time and the temperatures in South Texas are beginning to move in the direction of the boiling hot months of July and August. It makes a vacation in the mountains a dream to be longed after. It also motivates the dreamer to read about such destinations as the Tremblant resort surrounded by the panoramic views of Blueberry Lake and Mont Tremblant, in Quebec, Canada.

Not only does Blueberry Lake.com offer the opportunity to view the gallery of pictures and see the traditional log house accommodations, you can book your stay and assure yourself some relief from the summer heat!


To be successful in business today almost demands that one have a web site that is fully functional and user friendly to the prospective customers and clients. Many who have the skills and knowledge to create and run a business, do not know enough about things like shopping cart software, storefronts and tracking.

So they need to go to Americommerce.com to read about and find the services and functions available to make the virtual part of their business a success! The site is very attractive and easy to navigate. They provide demos and free trials of their products. What could be easier?