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Scents From Above!  
11:31am 14/02/2009
On this Valentine’s Day, I think back to the times I would buy cheap perfume from the dime store for my mom, thinking she would really be pleased. She always thanked me, but I doubt she wore any of those fragrances on special occasions!

When I got a bit older I would buy the current popular perfume for my girl friend on Valentine’s Day, like Tigress or Tabu.

But when I grew to truly appreciate the love of my life, I started seeking among designer perfume fragrances for the ones that really projected the class and dignity of my lady. I do not like the wild scents, but enjoy the delicate and classic ones.
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DO HARD THINGS, by Alex and Brett Harris  
11:33am 14/02/2009
(First published at Qassia)

Do Hard Things is a book written by teenaged twin brothers Alex and Brett Harris. It is about their rebellion against the low expectations that are placed on teens by our culture. They were unsatisfied to think of their adolescence as a vacation from responsibility until they reached adulthood and out of their own experiences there has grown a “Rebelution” among young people around the world, but especially here in the U.S.A.
At 16, after some years of speech and debate competition, the boys began to research some of the great things that had been done by young people. They were inspired to undertake some hard things themselves, as well as to inspire others of their generation to Do Hard Things.

They established a website, TheRebelution.com, which drew interest from many young people, rebelutionaries, who were convicted that they were wasting a lot of time and energy. The book tells of the experiences of not only the Harris twins, but of many of those with whom they have come in contact.

The book is inspirational. Every teen should be given a copy and challenged to a new vision for themselves and their future world!
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